My very first job interview

Okay! I’m an UPSC CSE aspirant, but why did I go for this job interview. I badly needed some pocket money to spend during my preparations. I don’t want to depend anymore on my father.

So it is job I like very much. “Teaching” I love teaching others. I love learning by teaching others. By teaching you gain large amount of knowledge. It is what gives me more satisfaction than anything.

Though I have a big dream to become a civil servant, I can improve me through teaching. And I’ll be earning some money for the time being.

Interview: interview was no big deal. I saw an advertisement yesterday and I immediately got ready to attend it. I didn’t prepare a thing. I didn’t see my graduation notes. Without any preparation I appeared in the interview.

Until I entered the room, I didn’t know what is the pattern of interview. I simply went there and gave my resume. Then they told me to give a self introduction and then to give a presentation on any topic I like. I didn’t even prepare that. My self introduction was disastrous. My English was not even good. So then I have to give my presentation which I didn’t prepare. I selected a topic which I gave during a seminar in last year class.

So the presentation went well, I was enthusiastic. I presented it as if I’m teaching my students. The panel were impressed. And congratulated me. They praised me. I was on cloud nine.


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