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Spanish learning experience

Hola amigos,

             Today I’m going to share my Spanish learning experience. Let me trace back the stimulus which led me to study Spanish. It is none other than my desire to learn a foreign language and love for Spanish football.

             Those different Spanish names of football clubs, stadiums and players made my mind want to learn their meanings and slowly I learned to understand popular cheering chants and team anthems (eg: vamos Madrid= let’s go Madrid and Pedro=peter). Not to mention I’ve leaned the Spanish football commentaries too. So thus I acquired a decent amount of Spanish vocabulary through football alone.

                 The next thing I did was learning through Duolingo app in my mobile. It was such a wonderful app. It has a gamified way to learn any language. I couldn’t stop coming back to this app everyday until I completed all the levels. It took around 3 months to finish the tree. So by now I could almost converse with some Spaniards.

               I didn’t stop there, I kept learning vocabulary through memrise app. So I went on to learn Spanish grammar through rocketspanish and kept revising using Spanish dict.To summarise, this is my suggestion to learn any language, I post my answer on Quora here. Originally Answered: What are some easy ways to learn a second language?Immerse yourself with the language you wish to learn.

Let me explain it with how I learned Spanish.

  • I watched La liga ( Spanish premier football league) with Spanish commentary. I watched so many matches. Through this I could somehow learn basic pronunciation and vocabulary.
  • Listen to online radios, with the help of Internet you can listen to tons of radio channels in that language.
  • Read read. Read a lot as long as your eyes hurt! 😀 Read something which interests you the most in the language you wish to learn ( It may be cricket, football, politics, gossips or anything).
  • Listen songs or rhymes in that language and watching movies is also of great use. ( whether you agree or not, it is the simplest way to get hold of basics)
  • Try Memrise or Duolingo or both, these are 2 wonderful apps with gamified and easy way to learn a language. ( I used both)Last and most important thing have patience and work hard. You can’t learn a language overnight!

Some important sites to learn Spanish


Buena suerte!!!



11 thoughts on “Spanish learning experience

  1. Helpful post for those who want to learn foreign languages without spending a fortune. I’m learning German (Level 11) on Duolingo myself. Would like to add one more resource for everybody’s help. Project Gutenberg ( is a fully legal public domain library of ebooks in over 80 languages. Hope it proves useful.

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  2. Good tactics!

    I use Memrise often and have finished many of its courses. I even made a couple of courses so I could study material I wanted to learn. Getting used to telenovelas was hard at first because I couldn’t find one that interested me. However, once I did I couldn’t stop watching them.

    You are right. There is more than enough material for people to use to satisfy their need to learn.

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  3. Hi Kaavya.
    Great that you have such a passion for ….Spanish football! That is a wonderful way to have great motivation.
    I’m a teacher of Spanish, in Spain and struggle to find a way to infuse passion into my students.
    Maybe I should try football. (Not playing it, but using it my lessons!) Well done.

    Regards. Marie.

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